There are three potential issues you should test:

#1 - The outlet is off

Please confirm the outlet you are plugged into is live. Please try different outlets, such as an outlet that a known appliance is plugged into.

#2 - Debris in the pump

There is a chance some debris may be lodged in the pump. Firmly tapping the side or top of Kozii Warmer can free up the debris. Please follow the instructions to dislodge debris. Make sure you read ALL the instructions before proceeding:

A - You should cover your work space with a towel.

B - There should be enough water in Kozii Warmer so that the water level is barely touching the FULL mark in the bottom of the warming chamber. 

C - Plug in the Kozii Warmer.


E - Without any bag or bottle in the warming chamber, turn Kiinde Kozii ON by setting the timer to 5 minutes.

F - With Kozii Warmer on a flat surface, firmly tap the sides and top of Kozii with the palm of your hand while Kozii Warmer is on (timer at 5 minutes). Be careful not to tap so firmly that water splashes out. The water in Kozii Warmer may be warm.

G - If the pump starts running again, you're finished! Turn Kozii Warmer off, empty the water and clean the unit to try and remove the debris that caused the clog in the first place.

H - If the pump does not start running, turn Kozii Warmer off immediately by turning the knob back to zero and unplugging the power cord from the wall.

#3 - The pump needs to be reprimed

Occasionally, Kozii's water pump needs to be re-primed. If the pump seems to be weaker than usual, bubbling excessively, or catching large amounts of air, try these steps.

A - Confirm you have added enough water so that the water is overflowing through the overflow drain at the top/back of the warming chamber during normal operation (with the bottle or bag in place). 

B - If the pump still seems to be struggling, add the normal amount of water and turn the knob past 3 minutes to start the pump.

C - Wait 30 seconds, then manually turn the knob back to 0 to turn the pump off.

D - Wait another 30 seconds, then turn the knob to start the pump again.

E - Wait 30-60 seconds one more time. Usually this is all that is needed to re-prime the pump and purge the air out of the system. 

F - If it doesn't work, try this stop/start procedure one more time.

Should none of these suggestions do the trick, please contact us at [email protected] and we are happy to help.

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