There is a chance that the safety thermostat in your Kozii Warmer may have tripped.

Please follow the procedure to reset it:

1 - Unplug your unit from the wall.

2 - Empty the water from the unit

3 - Flip the unit over. You will see a small hole above the text "MODEL: K1395.R1.NA". Insert a paperclip/pin/toothpick into the hole and push firmly till you hear a click. Note: the click may be very soft or even inaudible, requiring that you refill the unit and test to check if it worked.

4 - Remove the pin/toothpick/paperclip.

5 - Refill the unit with water and try again. Please run your unit for a few cycles (warm a couple bottles) to test it and confirm it does not trip again.

You can find a flyer that illustrates this procedure at

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact [email protected] and we are happy to help.

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