1. First, make sure you squeeze as much air as possible out of the pouch before popping on the Twist Active-Latch Nipple. 
  2. With one hand, squeeze the pouch, through the openings in the bottle, until the milk level comes up just below the top of the pouch. 
  3. Once the nipple is popped in place, you will only have a small amount of air left to squeeze out. 
  4. You can squeeze the pouch very firmly - try reaching through the bottom of the bottle for best results, OR 
  5. You can pinch the tip of the nipple as you squeeze. Pinching the nipple tip will cause the Twist Active Latch nipple to open and will allow the air to escape much more quickly as you squeeze. 
  6. Make sure the bottle is level and upright as you squeeze the air out.
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