There are many factors that affect the warming time for your child’s meal, including bottle type (plastic, glass, bottle with liner, breastmilk storage bag, food jar), starting temperature (room, refrigerator, freezer), and amount of breastmilk, formula or food.

Please use this chart of approximate warming times in the Kozii start guide ( as a convenient starting point for determining the appropriate warming time for your specific meal type, container, and starting temperature.  After only a couple of uses, you will learn exactly what the best warming times are for you.  Always test the meal temperature yourself before offering it to your child.

In the guide, we assume a serving temperature of 90F. Note, this is a slightly cooler than body temperature. Most babies are fine with this temperature, but if your baby wants their milk warmer, you will need to add a bit of time to the numbers in the chart.

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